About us

Welcome to Advanced Bancard Solutions...

                           ...where we make it simple to deliver dependable electronic payment processing solutions.

Since 2006, Advanced Bancard Solutions has worked diligently to deliver trusted electronic payment processing solutions to small- and mid-size businesses throughout the United States, Canada and UK/Europe.  While we have provided services to just about every type of business, we built our business by specializing in a few markets generally considered B2B and ecommerce and have diversified to include retail point-of-sale.  Competition is fierce and there will always be companies larger than ABS.  We succeed by providing a well-educated staff, level of attentional to detail, customer service unmatched plus professional yet friendly communication.

Our customers can always expect consistent treatment from us whether during the sales process or even years after initially delivering the solution.  We respect that business owners have a choice for vendor and are always grateful they choose ABS.  

In today's rapidly changing electronic payments environment, we often extend assistance beyond the scope of our services mainly out of pragmatism.  You see, business owners (regardless whether small- or mid-size) or their staff don't always possess all the knowledge or experience to draw from within their own organization when it comes to understanding the ever increasing complexity of acceptance of electronic payments.  They are simply tasked with getting it done.  

That's where we excel.  We offer our help to interface with their IT, accounting and web development staff/resources because we have the skill sets and experience available to alleviate their burden.  You could say we make it simple!